What is REACH CAD?

Carrying out Pattern Engineering, Grading and Marker Planning manually is a notoriously inefficient and cumbersome process. REACH CAD effects significant time and labor savings by automating this process.

REACH CAD streamlines and improves efficiency of the product development team. This is done by safeguarding you against people turnover, eliminating manual errors, building a knowledge base that can be used to create and re-create patterns and markers and by enabling collaborative team working.

Manual patterns can and do get worn-out, torn etc. and cannot be re-used to create slightly different styles.

REACH CAD uses apparel specific intuitive and user-friendly tools to engineer patterns, grade the base pattern to various other sizes and to tightly pack these patterns to form the most efficient markers. Figuring out optimal layout of patterns to form tight markers needs the application of spatial visualization skills: this is best done on a computer monitor and not by going back and forth on a table.

  What are the benefits of using REACH CAD?

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